Straightening the Cheese

Friday, January 19, 2007

The definitive list

Okay you have seen the top ten lists
heres the best i can come up with

Top ten reasons not to make top ten lists

1/ No one cares
2/ If someone does care they dont agree with your list
3/ You generally remember something that should have been on the list after youve picked all ten things and posted it.
4/ if someone asks you "whats on your list" you can often only remember 6 things
5/ The shawshank redemtion general appears somewhere on all lists
6/ every book/film/melody is spoilt as you critic it's relevance to your list
7/ Most lists say nothing about you as an individual, however much you think they do
8/ by this stage most people have stopped reading
9/ So what eve you put here however important is lost
10/ the last thing on the list is generally a filler as you realised you only actually like 9 things and 9 was a struggle

It appears i must

What a fantastic idea.
it's in my head i dont have backup, so i'll just post it here
Plus all my mates do it and im a sheep